December 12, 2005

An Interview with Henry Jenkins

Created by Andy Hogan
An interview with MIT Professor Henry Jenkins about the cultural and ideological climate surrounding video games.

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An Interview with Richard Edwards

Created by Sonia Seetharaman
An interview with St. Mary's College Professor Richard Edwards about the role of new media in higher education. Be sure to also check out Professor Edwards' own podcast series, Out of the Past, an investigation of classic and modern film noir.

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An Interview with Ari Schwartz

Created by Sam Ghods
An interview with Ari Schwartz about the recent Sony BMG rootkit issue and his work as the Associate Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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An Interview with Jim Babka

Created by Isomi Miake-Lye
An interview with Jim Babka about online political activist networks and his work as Director and Co-Founder of one such organization, Downsize DC.

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An Interview with Stacy Smith

Created by Lindsay Pond
An interview with USC Professor Stacy Smith about gender representations in children's media and her work with Geena Davis' See Jane project.

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December 08, 2005

Making New Friends

Created by Isomi Miake-Lye
Sit back... Relax... Don't worry... And make some new friends online.
This podcast is one of five interactive "walking tours" of the Internet.
Begin tour here: Isomi's Links.

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